Applicable model: R20A, R20B, R20K, R26, E11, E12

1. Reset password via Akuvox Cloud 

If the device is connected to Akuvox Cloud, then you can use autop parameters to reset the password: 

1. Go to the device info page, click the ‘Info’ button. 

2. On the device Info page, click the Setting button;

 3. On the Settings page 

  1. Fill in auto provision parameter: Config.Settings.WEB_LOGIN.Password = admin
  2. Click Once Autop button.
  3. Click Submit to apply the changes;

4. If changes are not applied immediately, please reboot the phone; 

2.Reset password via PC manager 

Reset via PC manager requires a device connected to the same LAN network as a computer. 

Please download related files from below link.

3. Reset password via device web portal 

It only available on Akuvox door phone, with new firmware. 

1. Use device IP to login its web portal, change the ID to 9958 

2. Click Export to export the device key.

3. The tool will search the device automatically.

4. Please send it to Akuvox Technical Support team via, we will decrypt it and send you the unlock.bin file;


5. Click Choose File to import unlock.bin file, Click Import button to import;

 6. The password will be reset to admin;