Read First: How to provide information to effectively resolve a technical issue on Akuvox Intercom?

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In case you have found any issue with the Akuvox device or service, please report your issue to
Before reporting your issue, please kindly provide all information to us with the following procedures, which would be helpful for us to locate and solve the issue effectively.

Operation Instruction

It is highly recommended to upgrade the latest firmware when you find some issues, please follow the instructions below to upgrade the device to the latest version:

  • Please visit Akuvox's official website -here to download the latest firmware version.
  • Firmware upgrade instruction manual - here. 

Operation Procedure

1. Please describe your issue in detail, so that we will be able to reproduce the issue on that description.

  • Send us the description of the network topology.
  • Send us your SmartPlus account if you have an issue with SmartPlus service.
  • Send us a diagram of your electrical circuit if you have an issue regarding the electrical circuit Like relay connection, etc.
  • If your issue can be clearly visible or heard like bad video quality, please take a picture or record a video and send it to us. You can attach it to the ticket.  If the file is over 20MB, please upload it to WeTransfer, OneDrive, or Google Drive and send us the download link. 

2. Send us the firmware version. 

Go to web > Status > Product information.


3. Send us the configuration file.

Go to web > Upgrade > Advanced > Others. Click Export to download the file.

4. Send us the system log of the device 

  1. Login to the device's web interface via username and password. (The default username and password are both “admin” and they are case-sensitive. )
  2. Go to Upgrade > Diagnose or Upgrade > Advanced (Different models have different paths)
  3. Adjust the log level as 7 then reproduce your issue.
  4. Click "Export" to export the file, then send it Akuvox technical support team.

5. Send us the PCAP data of the device if the issue relates to the network or call function.

  1. Login to the device's web interface via username and password. (The default username and password are both “admin” and they are case-sensitive.)
  2. Go to Upgrade > Diagnose or Upgrade > Advanced. (Different models have different paths)
  3. Click on "Start" then reproduce your issue and click "Stop" to stop the capturing.
  4. Click "Exportto export the .pcap file.
  5. Enable PCAP Auto Fresh Enabled if you want to restart capturing when the packet data package reaches 1MB. While the packet data captured previously would become obsolete.
 Because the PACP capture is limited to only 1MB, please start the trace right before you reproduce the issue.

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