Website Passoword

Users can go to Web - Security - Basic - Web Password Modify to modify the password.

User Name: To select to change the user password or administrator password.

Current Password: To enter the current password of user/admin.

New Password: To enter the new password that user wants to set.

Confirm Password: To enter the new password again to confirm there is no mistake.Sans-serif

Device Password

For IT82/IT83/C315

System Code

The system code is designed for setting security, users shall input the system code to access the advanced settings.

On the device, go to More - Settings - More - System Code.

The system code is 123456 by default, users are able to change the original system code to another one.

Setting Code

The setting code is used to setup setting code when user wants to enter setting interface.

On the device, go to More - Settings - More - Setting Code.

which is left blank by default. Users are able to setup setting code.

For IT80/IT81/C313

Go to More - Setting - Advanced, click Password icon to enter the password setting of advanced setting page.

Click the Old Password to input the password of entering advance settings interface.It is 123456 as default. Click the New Password and Confirm Password to input the new password.

Click save icon to save the modification.