IT83 Android indoor monitor has built in the PBX server which makes the indoor station not only used as a intercom monitor also a SIP PBX, users do not bother to prepare an extra SIP PBX again. 

For how to use SIP PBX in IT83:

1. Start PBX Service

Go to More - Settings - More(Password:123456) to enter the PBX interface.

 Click Setting in the right top corner to enable PBX Service.

2. Check Basic Account Information

 In the PBX interface, It will show some basic information including PBX address and port, username, display name and the status which notices users whether the account is registered or not.

3. Create an Account

Click Add ①, enter the corresponding new account information ②, and click Save ③ to Submit.

User Name: To enter user name of the extension.

Display Name: To configure name sent to the other call party for displaying.

Password: To enter password for the extension.

Enabled Status: To active the account.

4. Edit Account Information

Click Edit key ① to choose which one you need to modify.

Then choose a number, click Edit to edit the exited number information ②.

 Choose Save ③ to submit.

5. Delete Accounts

Click Edit key ①.

Click Select All ②, then all existed numbers will be chosen;

Or choose a part of existed accounts ③.

 Click Delete ④, the phone will ask you to check the deletion prompt again. Choosing Yes to delete the selected accounts.

6. When the PBX is ready, users can register the sip account from it.

 For how to register a SIP account, users can refer to  highlight=pbx