1.Mjpeg Service

The Mjpeg Service configuration is only available on R29. For other models,mjpeg server is enabled by default. Users can check both live view pictures from the website also check real-time pictures via URL.

Login on the website, go to Intercom - Advanced - Mjpeg Server to configure. 

Mjpeg Service Enable: Use to capture from the URL. It is convenient to check the capture remotely.The user won't be able to check live view on web if turn off it.

Image Quality: To choose the image quality of the capture.R29 supports 7 types of resolution: 1080P,720P,4CIF,VGA,CIF,QVGA,QCIF.

Picture URL:

http:// device ip:8080/picture.cgi
http://device ip:8080/picture.jpg
http://device ip:8080/jpeg.cgi

Video URL:

http://device ip:8080/video.cgi


R2X support RTSP stream, login to the website and go to Intercom - RTSP to enable or disable RTSP server.

RTSP Stream: To enable RTSP video and select the video codec. R2X supports H.264 video codec by default. 

The URL for RTSP stream is:


R2X support 3 types of RTSP video codec: H264,MPEG4,MJPEG.

H.264 Video Parameters: H.264 is a video stream compression standard. Different from H.263, it provides an approximately identical level of video stream quality but a half bit rate. This type of compression is sometimes called MPEG-4 part 10. To modify the resolution, framerate and bitrate of H.264. 

MPEG4 Video Parameters: MPEG4 is one of the network video image compression standard. It supports the maximum compression ratio 4000:1. It is an important and common video function with great communication application integration ability and less core program space. To modify the resolution, framerate, and bitrate of MPEG4. 

MJPEG Video Parameters: Called motion joint photographic experts group. It is a video encoding format, in which each image is compressed separately by JPEG. MJPEG compression can produce high-quality video image and has a flexible configuration in video definition and compressed frames. To modify the resolution, framerate and bitrate of MJPEG. 

3.Video Codec

This is to configure video codec and resolution during video call.

On the web portal, go to Account - Advanced.
Video Codec: To configure the disabled codecs and enabled codecs by pressing the corresponding buttons.
Codec Resolution: To adjust the resolutions for different video codecs.
Codec Bitrate: To adjust the bitrate for different video codecs.
Codec Payload: To adjust the codec payload for video codec.